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Frequently Asked Questions

A few typical questions and answers that should help with your decision to book a videographer to cover your wedding or Civil Partnership.
What makes Anam Cara Productions Wedding Films different from alternative video companies?
The first thing that jumps to mind is that when we say we are discreet and unobtrusive during the day, we actually mean it! This means that you can expect us not to poke the camera in people’s faces and ask them to perform on camera. It also means that we don’t get the bride & groom, bridal party or anybody else to pose or perform any antics. We just don’t do cheese. We also won’t go around all of the guest’s tables at dinner and ask them to smile into the camera. A ‘discreet’ videographer should be exactly that!
Do you film Civil Partnership ceremonies?
Anything else that separates Anam Cara Productions Wedding Films from the norm?
We recognize that every wedding and event are different and so are every couple. We do our best to reflect this in our wedding DVDs and Civil Partnership DVDs. We avoid playing it safe by churning out the exact same format with every event. On the day, we are continuously on the lookout for the extra detail shots that couples tend not to notice during their day. During the intense editing process, we create a personalized film that captures the buzz and excitement of the day. We are glad to say that these efforts don’t go unnoticed as we have often been thanked by couples for producing such a personalized DVD that they know are totally unique to them and different from the ‘norm’.
We also have a photographer booked. How well will you work together?
We recognize that the photographer has an important job to do – as does the videographer. As a rule, we simply don’t get in their way. We allow them to get on with their job. In fact, we work very well together as we are doing two completely separate jobs. Many photographers refer couples to us on a daily basis – hopefully this speaks for itself! Incidentally, if you don’t have a professional photographer booked, we strongly suggest that you reconsider. Although we also provide professional photographs if desired, our focus specialty is videography. We’ve sometimes worked alongside an amateur “enthusiast” photographer who would have inadequate equipment and wouldn’t be doing anything different from a lay person with no photography skills. It is usually a situation that ends up with very disappointing results afterwards. Your wedding video film is as important to you as your photographs, so there should be no issues between the photographer and the videographer. Both vendors will know that you are running the show. And that it is your special day.
A guest has offered to bring their camcorder to ‘officially’ film our wedding…
We believe there is a simple answer to this one. Most people in their lifetime have seen home wedding videos that are of very poor quality. Specifically we mean that they are shaky, have poor image quality and they are completely unedited. Besides that, they often miss the important bits or have them captured from less than ideal camera angles. There simply is no comparison between this and what a decent professional videographer can produce. We are specialists at wedding and event videography. From experience, we know what the couple expect to be captured. There is only one way… the right way!
What “gear” or “kit” do you use?
The latest equipment, wherever possible! Specifically, we use the latest technology and cameras that film in high-definition. Our cameras are actually the very same cameras that are used to shoot many TV programes and commercials as well as live broadcast. We also pay careful attention to the audio recording. We use various techniques involving wireless microphones, tapping into the venue sound system, placing a lapel microphone on the groom, boundary microphones on the altar. You shouldn’t see them though; we are experts at hiding them and placing discreetly so that they work away in the background without making the place look like a production set.
Will you use big bright lights?
No way! The only time we may have to use a little light is during the dancing if it is very dark in the venue. We use lighting to create certain effects. We may also use an on-camera light where necessary to light an area that may be dark. It usually isn’t even noticed.
Do you film the last-minute shots of the bridal preparations?
Yes, this optional add on is available. The bride must be getting ready within a 10 minute drive from the ceremony venue.
What’s all this HD, High-Definition, Blu-ray talk all about? My head is wrecked with the detail!
It’s not all as daunting as it is made out to be. Simply put, it’s better. Why? Because the image quality is much sharper, colors are more vivid and even the sound is crisper.
I’m interested in a Blu-ray version of my wedding or event. What else do I need to know?
We film all of our weddings and events in high-definition and still deliver most of them on standard quality DVDs. Though that is now changing! Since early 2008, all couples have the option of requesting a Blu-ray version of their wedding or event. A HD-ready display is required and so is a Blu-ray player. Our photo Flash Drive is the preferred option and the one we always recommend the most. It allows you to make unlimited copies of your precious wedding film!
Pack­ages vary depend­ing on what you want included. ALL of our pack­ages include a fea­ture film (40-50 minutes). There are options to add a trailer as well. We use the col­lec­tion of smaller and big­ger moments of your day from the get­ting ready, to the arrival of all your guests, cock­tail hour, photo ses­sion and the danc­ing at the party to cre­ate your film. Although we don’t exclude moments that we know you will want to see, we can pro­vide you ALL the RAW unedited footage on an exter­nal USB Hard Drive view­able on a PC or Mac com­puter at an addi­tional cost.
How many DVDs do we receive?
5 as standard but you can order more later if you wish.
Do we need to provide a meal for the videographer?
Given that the videographer will typically be around for 8 to 12 hours, it is politely requested that food is provided by the couple. A sit down meal with the guests is NOT required. Normally the videographer will eat in a discreet area adjacent to the main function room while the guests are eating. The vast majority of reception venues will already be well accustomed to serving bar food to the official videographer.
Can we choose the soundtrack for our DVD?
Yes of course! It’s your choice. Although we provide an appropriate soundtrack to draw out the excitement and emotion of the event, we recommend that you also send us the music you wish to be included, on a CD a few weeks prior to the wedding or event.
How soon will our DVDs be ready?
The normal turnaround time is usually about 4 to 12 weeks. During the Summer, this might be a bit longer. The editing process involves a dedicated level of commitment and a LOT of man hours. We don’t just copy the footage from the camera straight onto a DVD. It is the colour grading, audio editing, music matching, transition creation, opening titles, rendering, compositing and DVD authoring that takes the time… but we love what we do and are proud of our creations!
How can I book and do you require a booking fee?
Your booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of a non-refundable booking fee of $300. The balance of payment is due in full on or before the wedding date. Payment can be made by cheque, or cash
Are there any hidden costs?
No. The prices quoted upon enquiry are final. They will include a travel charge if applicable. No additional costs will arise. Prior to the wedding or event, you have the choice of changing your package and / or selecting from a range of optional extras.
What happens if the pricing changes in the future?
Our costs are fixed at the time of booking. So you are protected from future price increases.
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